All about toddler sleep training with Angelique Millette, PhD, CLE, CD/PCD

All about toddler sleep training with Angelique Millette, PhD, CLE, CD/PCD

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For: Parents of toddlers, of all genders!

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This live webinar presented by Dr. Angelique Millette will help parents of toddlers (12–36 months) better understand the sleep needs of their child. She will discuss her two-phase approach to toddler sleep, child temperament, the developmental changes that can regress toddler sleep, situational changes that can regress toddler sleep (new school or new sibling) and more. Specifically, Dr. Millette will cover the following topics:

  • Toddler (12–36 months) sleep needs
  • Importance of routines
  • Developmental milestones: when they occur and what to do
  • Sleep arrangement transitions: out of family bed, crib to toddler bed
  • Potty training and sleeping
  • Nightmares vs night terrors
  • Starting school or daycare and how it can affect sleep
  • New baby or sibling jealousy and how it can affect sleep
  • Naps
  • Weaning from breast, bottle, pacifier

Dr. Millette uses an interdisciplinary approach to solving child sleep issues using a wide range of sleep methods and tools adaptive to multiple sleep arrangements, parenting styles, cultural/social styles, and sleep issues. A Q&A will be held at the end of the session.

Angelique Millette, PhD, CLE, CD/PCD
Dr. Angelique Millette is a parent coach, pediatric sleep consultant, family sleep researcher with offices in Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA. Twenty years of working with families, Dr. Millette has developed 'The Millette Method' a multi disciplinary approach to family sleep and child behavior.'The Millette Method' does not follow one specific sleep or behavioral method, but rather uses a “tool-box” of different methods and approaches and takes into account family schedule, child development, challenging behavior, temperament, and parenting philosophy, all while keeping an eye on parental overwhelm, and emotional health.

Dr. Millette’s research addresses the relationship between infant sleep locations, maternal mood disorders, and attachment.Dr. Millette works with more than 600 families per year, presents workshops to non-profit and government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and parents groups across the country. Dr. Millette created the 'Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle' and consults with juvenile products manufacturers in their development of innovative designs.