Dealing with temper tantrums with Noelle Cochran, PsyD

Dealing with temper tantrums with Noelle Cochran, PsyD

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For: Parents of toddlers and preschoolers, of all genders!

After watching this on-demand webinar, please submit your questions on our forum and Noelle will get back you within 48 business hours.

Temper tantrums are common in young children, especially between ages 1 and 4, when children are still learning to communicate effectively. Tantrums are how young children show that they're upset or frustrated. Although they are a normal part of child development, dealing with temper tantrums can be extremely draining, stressful and at times embarrassing for parents.

Please join us for this interactive session with children's mental health expert, Noelle Cochran, PsyD, who will discuss the effective ways to deal with temper tantrums, setting limits, and using them as learning opportunities to foster a healthy sense of self in your child in the toddler and preschool years.
Noelle Cochran, PsyD
Noelle is a clinical psychologist based in San Francisco. She holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. She specializes in infant and toddler mental health and is an expert in infant and toddler sleep. She consults with parents across the country on issues related to sleep, development and discipline in the early years of parenthood.

Noelle completed her pre and post-doctoral fellowships at the Infant-Parent Program, UCSF Department of Psychiatry, San Francisco General Hospital, where she worked with parents and babies who were having difficulty establishing strong relational bonds. Her graduate research was done on the transition to parenthood for couples with twins, and infant and toddler sleep issues.