Emotional well-being for parents: tips and tools, with Anna Glezer, MD

Emotional well-being for parents: tips and tools, with Anna Glezer, MD

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Sunday, July 7, 2019 
3:00pm-4:00 pm PT
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Raising a child while continuing to manage the work, finances, health, relationships with spouse, family, friendships, and more, is not an easy task. Consequently, parents, both moms and dads, often go through a myriad of emotions, from joy and bliss to exhaustion and sadness. These emotions can be overwhelming, and when coupled with the hormonal changes can result in anxiety, depression, and irritability.

Despite the wide prevalence, emotional struggles that so many parents deal with around parenthood are stigmatized. As a result many parents don’t get the help they need. Untreated mood and anxiety can impact parents’ risk of chronic diseases, future pregnancies, as well as well-being of children and their ability to remain productive at work.

If you are a parent or soon to be parent, please join us for this interactive session with Dr. Anna Glezer to learn about the common symptoms of pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety issues, how to decrease your risk, and treatment options.

Dr. Anna Glezer, MD
Dr. Glezer is a Harvard and UCSF trained psychiatrist who specializes in perinatal and reproductive mental health. She owns a thriving private practice in Burlingame and is on faculty at UCSF. In addition to clinical work, she enjoys educating the public and clinicians on aspects of mental health related to the reproductive cycle. Towards this, she has spoken at regional and national conferences, organized conference events, held community meetings, written blogs, and launched an educational website (Mind Body Pregnancy).