Healthy sleep habits and daylight savings tips and tricks for your family with Carla Perl

Healthy sleep habits and daylight savings tips and tricks for your family with Carla Perl

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The leaves are falling and it’s almost time to turn back the clocks. Are you wondering if your little one will have trouble adapting to the end of daylight savings? Are you concerned your bedtime routine will be thrown off? Do you need to establish a bedtime routine?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then learning how to adjust your routine and finding a healthy sleep method is for you. Join us for an interactive webinar with a certified sleep coach, Carla Perl to learn about how you can create healthy sleep routines for your family.

Specifically, we will discuss:
  • Daylight savings tips and tricks
  • Gentle sleep training methods
  • Safe sleep environment
  • Sleep props
    Please note: This webinar is for babies (4 months and older) and toddlers who are on a regular sleep/nap schedule and routine. If the parents are concerned that their children are not on a schedule, Ms. Perl plan to address that during the webinar as well.

    But this webinar doesn't really apply to newborns since they are not on a regular schedule at that age, so the time change probably won't affect them.

    About Carla Perl, Founder, Slumberland Solutions
    Carla Perl is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and the founder and CEO of Slumberland Solutions. She has saved hundreds of working parents from the stresses that come with little sleep. Her proven approach alleviates bedtime struggles and helps children anticipate bedtime with sleep routines that are stress-free, enjoyable and fun. Parents praise her methods for their ability to create a smooth-running household so they can confidently return to work.

    As a working mother, Carla experienced first-hand the struggles of balancing her career with home life and quickly came to recognize that sleep was often times the biggest impediment to working parents achieving their goals. After supporting friends and family for over 20 years with their sleep issues, Carla became a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and founded Slumberland Solutions. It was the natural next step in her career evolution.